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Graphic Design
Twynstra Gudde

Brochure Jaap Groenendijk - 2010
I was asked by Jaap Groenendijk, transport consultant at Twynstra Gudde, to design a brochure for his research project at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. I redesigned his diagrams and added several illustrations to make the whole design more attractive (all according to the TG and Erasmus University style).

Invitation for Organisations in Healthcare - 2009
This invite for consultants of healthcare in the Netherlands was created in february 2010. I used the colours of Twynstra Gudde and the fonts within the style of the company. The illustrations are part of a large range used within the designs of TG.

Booklet about the Network of Storm Surge Barrier Managers - 2010
This booklet is created to inform storm surge barriers and their surroundings about their activities. Consultants of TG use this as an example of their consulting expertise, as they advised several managers within this field. Our main goal, as designers, was to create an attractive booklet, to raise more attention, towards this subject. (Internationally)

Trainee Battle Invitation - 2009
The young trainee department of Twynstra Gudde, a consulting agency in Amersfoort, Netherlands, requested an invite and poster for their trainee gathering in may 2010.