Twynstra Gudde Infographic

Twynstra Gudde

Parnassia Bavo Groep - 2010
I designed these diagrams in 3-D for one of the consultants of TG. The idea was to portray the information architecture in several layers, but within the logo of the client, Parnassia Bavo Groep.

Diagram Poster Public Transport
Infrastructure South of Holland - 2010 The diagrams on this poster are redesigned in the colours of Twynstra Gudde. I thought it would be most clear to use lighter colours on a darker background (for the three diagrams above).

Sourcingsobjecten Diagram - 2010
Another diagram, redesigned for one of the consultants within TG. This design was made to be used for powerpoint presentations, as well as for large poster prints.

Versnellingsweek Deltaprogramma - 2009
This poster is created for the Trainee Department of Twynstra Gudde. The different wordings show the thoughts and ideas that came up during this trainee-week.